Rates and Fees

We don’t make any decisions on fees or determine rates. It’s your lender who gives you actual loan amounts, terms and APRs based on the information you supply. After you complete your request and are approached by a lender, they will provide all the necessary details in your loan agreement. Remember that you are not obliged to accept any offer if you are not satisfied with the terms for whatever reason.


Repayment on personal loans generally takes place once every two weeks, depending on your agreement. Your funds are typically withdrawn automatically from your bank account on the due date. Be sure that you get an attentive insight into all the terms and conditions of your loan agreement. Bear in mind that your loan cannot be conditioned upon repayment by electronic transfer or automatic withdrawal. For more details contact your lender.

Personal Loan Costs

The cost of a personal loan may vary as it is based on a few important factors including your residence, the lender you are working with, the state of your credit score, the amount you want to borrow, loan repayment period, interest rates, etc.

Personal Loan Terms

Using services xmasfunds.com, you may submit a request for a loan with the terms outlined below:

  • Loan amount: $200 – $5,000;
  • Lending period: 4 - 48 months;
  • Payment frequency: Once a month or twice a month;
  • APR: 4.95-32% (will depend on a lender);
  • Prepayment penalty: will depend on a lender.

Bear in mind that each lender has their own policy and terms!